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Ananaya’s Testimonial - View Video
Seema says : Arjun and me giggling...

Sudhir Ramchandran's photographs taken at my wedding had a feeling of motion and enhanced emotions. I especially liked the various angles he used to showcase the madness in dancing and celebrations at my Mehendi.


His photographs brought out genuinity of everyone's excitement and fun at the function. At my wedding I loved the long shots that enveloped different people in its frame, and their facial expressions towards the particular ongoing ceremony. The photographs that showed both Arjun & me giggling after the pheras were over, is particularly my favourite, as we looked like two kids who'd just finished winning a game!


His photography is not standard posed photos but candid shots taken of close family reactions to that moment, yet maintaining the essence of the scene, and that is what makes his photographs special, and a collectors piece for generations to come...Truly making him one of the best photographers to reckon with, in the Country!!!

Sudhir's photos always spell perfection in every shot, and a wholistic appeal to everyone who sees it!
Divya says : Pictures seen over and over again...

The best set of pictures shot at our wedding were being seen over & over again just by the two of us for more than a year now. They hang on every picture frame and lie on every table in the house. Thank you Sudhir for giving me 'memories for life"!

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Sudhir Ramchandran’s A Team is the top shelf crack squad. They develop and create photography and films on:

  • e-commerce products
  • weddings
  • budgeted advertising shoots.

With absolutely no compromise on quality of production, the top-notch A Team is cost effective. Their expertise and professionalism have been honed with several years of working with SR on various assignments. They carry with them a profound understanding of traditional knowledge and contemporary execution that is sealed on their special brand of image making.


"Create a cinematic story that tomorrow relives the emotional moments as if it just happened!"