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1. Give me a brief introduction of your team of photographers and cinematographers?

We in SR come with a very strong background of International award-winning photography and cinematic film-making to develop and create powerful experiences of the most sacred event in a couple’s life “their wedding”. Our team comes with a profound understanding of telling stories through digital films or photographs.

2. What should be the criterial to select the best cinematographer/photographer for my wedding?

Ideally you should look at a cinematographer/photographer who has strong roots in one domain but also has a very profound and sensitive understanding of different genres of imagery.

Today’s bride-to-be demands a wedding photographer who understands the genre of landscape photography because it includes a destination wedding; fashion photography because she wants to look good; interior photography because she wants the splendor of the architecture to be displayed and so on….

3. Can you work with other talents whom we hire?

We engage in each assignment with total clarity right from start. We then execute the work with a single-minded focus of creating stories with a specific ambience and mixed light palette. As a result, we are able to create the best visual experience for you.

However, the possibility of working with others can be considered by us, provided there is a complete understanding and respect of our respective roles, so that nobody steps on the other.
4. How can I get the most out of my destination wedding filmography?

Once we have clarity about your needs, we personally will explain to you about the talents, equipment and other special requirements that are needed to achieve optimal value. If need be, we will also show you samples of previous work to illustrate these aspects.

5. What is involved in the making of a wedding project?

The new age wedding photographer combines several silos of costing depending on your taste and requirements. There is the candid photography expert, traditionalist, digital SLR filmmaker, the photo booth, group shots, pre-wedding posters and aerial photographer. Each has different equipment needs and works with technicians who execute in different styles. We have an experienced talent network to fulfill all your needs. The costs can be customized to your needs and budgets.

6. What other costs are involved besides the actual wedding shoot?

There are special packages of shoot based on today’s trends that include social media. An example is the production of visual posters or short video films of how the couple met, what their tastes are and the activities they enjoy doing together.

7. How can I ensure the best value for my budget?


Check out our profile and portfolio to understand the high standards of conceptual and executional excellence. However, at best the website can only be a general repository of work done. Our presentation to you will be on a one-on-one basis relating to work that is more specific to your upcoming event. This way you will understand our creative and technical value.

8. Can I book you at short notice or is there an advance period for booking?

The nature of our assignments and the crack and talent network allow us the flexibility to begin new wedding assignments at short notice.

9. What is the duration of your cinematic film?

The duration of a digital film could range from 30-sec for a wedding invite, to a 5-min highlight of your wedding rituals or a 20-min complete wedding elaborately capturing destinations while highlighting decor and candid group shots among others.

10. Apart from weddings, what other film stories do you produce?

Our range of film stories is extensive:

  • music and dance festivals
  • product launches
  • celebratory parties
  • experiential DOs.

An example would be the capturing of your experience at a Valentine’s dinner. It can begin with your ride in your chauffeur-driven automobile to the restaurant and conclude with your overnight stay.

11. Do you undertake out of station assignments?

Our travel on work – be they small events or large events – frequently takes us far and wide within the country and abroad. We have a strong base in Singapore that enables us to service our international clients.

12. How big is your team?
Depending on the scope of the assignment, our extremely talented crew ranges from 3 members to 15 members. Some of our bigger productions involve many talents. It is our background across several verticals that helps draw in specialized talents who lend their own equity to the overall high production value.
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About Us
The A Team

Sudhir Ramchandran’s A Team is the top shelf crack squad. They develop and create photography and films on:

  • e-commerce products
  • weddings
  • budgeted advertising shoots.

With absolutely no compromise on quality of production, the top-notch A Team is cost effective. Their expertise and professionalism have been honed with several years of working with SR on various assignments. They carry with them a profound understanding of traditional knowledge and contemporary execution that is sealed on their special brand of image making.


Rashmi - "Sudhir and his team are exceptional artists!"


Seema - "Sudhir Ramchandran's photographs taken at my wedding"


Divya - "The best set of pictures shot at our wedding had a feeling"


"Create a cinematic story that tomorrow relives the emotional moments as if it just happened!"